Australasia's top Indigenous Growth and Leadership Capability Programme

Working hard and not getting leadership opportunities?

You have the solution within
Let us, help you find it

The Indigenize Myself Programme

Explore foundational Indigenous values
Develop self-confidence and motivation to take leadership opportunities
Identify your own strengths and learning style to serve others
Discover key elements to create freedom and work-life balance
Develop your Wairua Statement (Personal Purpose) to determine what is important to you and help guide your decisions


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7 Steps to a Promotion Formula

Previously only available for corporate packages

After so many success stories, promotions, and personal growth - we have finally opened the gates and made our Indigenize Myself programme available to the public, so you can get the exact same training that has lead indigenous people to management positions in NZ's top companies

Invest in yourself

In order to look after others, you must first look after yourself.

When we invest money in something it becomes important.

Investing in yourself will allow you to look after others better Indigenize Myself focuses on your growth and development

Everybody is and can be a learner

The important question is "HOW do we learn?"

School may not have been the best time for some of us, this is because school only focuses on one style of learning.

Indigenize Myself will not only help you discover what type of learner you are but show you how to implement this, to help you with your next promotion, you will never feel like a non-learner again.

This course is for anyone wanting to work on their personal growth

Indigenize Myself is a mind-set!

It is taking a unique set of Indigenous values and applying them to your career to help propel you forward.

The Indigenize Myself platform has been created to help you do this.

Our Clients

What Our Students Have to Say

"I feel as though I have had a monkey taken off my back and that all is possible. It has enhanced my positiveness but most importantly to put myself first".
NZ Post
"Only been 1 wananga and I’ve changed my whole perspective on everything in my life right now and have already made changes to benefit myself therefor resulting in better outcome for my family".
NZ Post
"I have grown so much through the programme and I have a strong sense of where I need to go with my career and my personal life".
Air New Zealand
"One thing that I learnt here though is that, we are leaders and it is time to lead, and to so we must stretch ourselves into the uncomfortable zone as this is were growth sits".
Emerge Aotearoa

Get Started with Part 1 now for FREE!

7 Steps to a Promotion Formula