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Important thing in the world

He aha te mea nui o tenei ao – he tangata, he tangata, he tangata. What is the most important thing in the world. It is people, people, people. Most people would understand that all business is people business.

quick 7 step download

This quick 7 step download allows you to create a deliberate plan, find the right people to rub shoulders with and action that plan. There are practical actions in this download for you to do.

experience with serving

In our experience with serving our indigenous people and feedback from countless senior executives we need to start creating our own blessings. Most people fall into their management positions or career by accident

Nothing substitutes

We don’t believe in giving shortcuts – it require you to do some things outside your comfort zone and test your character. Nothing substitutes hardwork this document gives you a more focused approach to your next promotion.

Frequently asked questions

Have you been chasing a promotion?

Or are you waiting to be promoted because you have worked hard for it?

The 7 Steps to a Promotion Book is going to show you how to close the deal on your next promotion and give you a formula for all future promotions.

This programme is for anyone wanting to work to achieve personal and professional goals.

Indigenize Myself is a mind-set. It is taking a unique set of Indigenous values and applying them to your career to help propel you forward. 

The Indigenize Myself programme has been created to guide you through setting and achieving your goals and this 7 Steps to a Promotion PDF will help you to get started

We know that our Indigenous people fill the majority of the negative statistics world-wide and this is usually a direct result of colonisation.

So how do we change these statistics?

The reality is that we need to start writing our own success story and controlling our own fate, the Indigenize Myself programme will help you do that and the 7 Steps to a Promotion PDF is the first part of that journey.

Please remember that the 7 steps to a promotion” PDF is not a short-cut.

You will have to work even harder.

Its putting you in the best position to create your own opportunities. While everyone else is leaving it to chance you are building your toolkit to live by choice. 

What Our Students say

I can't thank Indigenous Growth enough for the programme they've created and implemented and I truly believe the programme will benefit more of our people. I also think part of my own success was challenging myself to 'want' to be better - 'you get out what you put in'. I came ready to absorb everything and I did and can I also say, I met new family that I won't ever forget.
Air NZ
Only been 1 wananga and I’ve changed my whole perspective on everything in my life right now and have already made changes to benefit myself therefor resulting in better outcome for my family.
NZ Post
I would do this course again and again. I know every time I would learn more and continue to take away something new with me personally and professionally this is why this is the course everyone needs to do no matter what culture your from.
Air NZ

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